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usical Programs Offered

Olde Friends joins with other specialists in the field of Early Music Performance to present the following programs:

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  • Music of late 16th through early 18th century Scotland and England, and across the English Channel to France.
  • Compositions by Purcell, Dowland, Hume, Marais, and Couperin are featured.
  • The ensemble includes viola da gamba, Baroque violin, lute, theorbo and voice. (3-4 performers)

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  • Music of the mid 16th through the early 18th century from Spain and Italy.
  • Compositions by Corelli and Vivaldi are featured along with lesser know works by Stradella, Ortiz and dalla Casa.
  • The ensemble includes viola da gamba, Baroque violin(s), Baroque cello, guitars, archlute, and theorbo. (3-4 performers)

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  • Music of late 17th and 18th century Germany.
  • Compositions by Bach, Telemann, Schmeltzer, and Buxtehude.
  • The ensemble includes combinations of viola da gamba, Baroque violin(s), flute, oboe, recorder, singer, cello, harpsichord, organ. (3-6 performers)
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