UPDATE: Boulder County Ditches: Then & Now at the Boulder History Museum

Friday, January 24, 2014 - Sunday, April 13, 2014

In 2009, during Boulder’s 150th Anniversary, a group of artists and historians created The Ditch Project to celebrate 150 years of Boulder’s irrigation history. They found historic images of Boulder’s ditches and took contemporary photographs from the same locations. Thus evolved the exhibit, Boulder County Ditches: Then & Now.

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The Ditch Project:

150 Years of Irrigation Ditches; Constructing Boulder's Landscape

In 2009, Boulder, Colorado celebrated its 150th birthday or Sesquicentennial. In honor of this event, the Ditch Project brought together artists, historians, scientists, and the general public together to celebrate 150 years of irrigation history and consider how ditches have constructed Boulder's landscape. Now, online and in an upcoming book, The Ditch Project continues to examine Boulder's irrigation ditches over the last 150 years. To learn more, visit the links above. 

The Ditch Project would not be possible without grants from various arts organizations and the support of our generous sponsors. Please be sure to thank these organizations and businesses the next time you see them. Learn more about our sponsors by clicking on their logos:

Boulder Farmers MarketAmerican Society of Mechanical EngineersBoulder Creek Watershed InitiativeAquatic and WetlandBoulder County Arts AllianceGrant Grant and GoiranLeonard Rice EngineersJohnson and RepucciNorthern Colorado Water conservancy DistrictColorado Council on the ArtsDietze and Davis P. C.Open Space and Mountain ParksBoulder Arts CommissionWright Water Engineering

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