Bruce Campbell

Through various combinations of welding, painting, carving, and engraving, Bruce Campbell combines painting and sculpture to impart an archetypal, ancient quality and a mystic energy to salvaged iron, steel, wood and stone. The unique shapes and surface patinas, sculpted by time and weather, become an integral part of his imagery, which seemingly emerges from the intricately weathered surfaces. Often his sculptures are incarnated as "beings" which are intended to transcend race and gender, suggesting one human family, and enabling all people to see themselves in the artwork.

Campbell finds most of his material on old farms. There is a circle in which he takes the cast-off "junk" as farms are cleared for development, converts it into art, the art is purchased for the new homes, and the objects return to the farm. The recycled materials speak to the past through their old world craftsmanship and timeworn surfaces, and speak to the future by sending the message that all can share the planet sustainably while continuing to build, create, and foster cultural expression.

Increasingly Campbell is producing public art. In 2009 he will be returning for his third year as a stage designer at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN. ( His work on the Solar Stage, which is framed by two fifteen-foot tall steel drum totems, can be viewed at In 2009 he will also be installing a public sculpture at a water park in Newark, NJ, and will be utilizing salvaged staircase rails to create a twenty-foot tall freestanding steel helix at the University of Colorado in Boulder. (His work on the CU project is profiled in the July, 2008 issue of Southwest Art Magazine.) He is known in Boulder as the creator of the sculpture in front of the Exeter Building, and has work on display in two Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacies and Centro Restaurant. His work can be found at Envision Galleries in Taos, NM, or at his studio in the country north of Boulder.

Bruce Campbell's work can be viewed at, and at Envision Gallery in Taos, New Mexico.

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