Cha Cha

As an artist, ChaCha's work ranges from steel to paper& ink to clay. Beginning 35 years ago as a calligrapher , she has evolved through graphic design & papermaking to her work in metals. For the past 16 years her work/obsession has been to sculpt, form,pound,fabricate, cast and otherwise create in steel combined with other materials. her techniques include forging, blacksmithing, cutting, and welding but are all based in exceptional original design. Some of her work is playful, whimsical, and very accessible ; other works are are intense and captivating. Frequently her work reveals the hand of a veteran calligrapher expressing itself in the surprisingly malleable world of metals. From ornaments to architectural work to abstract sculpture, her work continues to evolve.

Cha Cha's work can be viewed at Lumina Gallery in Taos, NM, and at the Boulder Arts and Crafts co-op in Boulder CO.

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