Dawn Howkinson Siebel

I have been an artist my entire adult life, although my mediums have changed over the years. I began in the theatre, changed to batik, then watercolor, now oil painting and assemblage. For many years now my work has addressed the intertwined themes of memory and influence. The work I will create for the Ditch Project will be assemblage. The Howard Ditch, Boulder's 2nd oldest, flows within a couple hundred feet of my house. A small drainage canal that flows into it runs literally through my backyard. One day I "rescued" a crayfish trapped in a puddle in the drying canal. I had never thought of the wildlife sustained in the ditches until then.

I will only know what my submission to the Ditch Project will be after I begin exploring the ditch. I am interested in the water itself, and perhaps the hidden composition of it. I want to collect samples and see what sediment appears. I want to look at it through a microscope and perhaps get chemical readings. I am interested in making the invisible visible.

Dawn Siebel's work can be viewed at DawnSiebel.com and at the Blink Gallery in Boulder, Colorado.

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