Kevan Krasnoff

Whether it's the Boulder County ditches, north shore Pacific of Kauai, the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, Murphey's Lake, Chasm Lake, my own Hayden Lake, the Mediterranean or Tahoe
I seek out water to immerse in
The power the union the phenomena.
The fact that Boulder County ditches weave through this area
and provide a cool/cold quick plunge during the summer months
is a subtle benefit not of their primary purpose or lost on my enjoyment
on a hot august day
Thank you ditch digger

The DITCH....
As a verb--to ditch, or be ditched is quite different from the noun ditch--which from hard labor, hydro-calculation and gravity, brings the water of life to the fields and pastures of planet Earth.
Ditch.... dirty, magical, exposed, hidden, trashed, treasured
Invaluable essential
Free ditch, or not
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