Kristine Smock

I go to the irrigation ditch for inspiration and it brings to mind some questions...

Why were the ditches built, what is their purpose, why did I barely notice them until this project came up?

Looking toward a ditch in the country side in Boulder county, I found arrow straight lines of water running out into the fields and pastures. Lined with sturdy fences and big warning signs. In the liquid canals were the reflections of the sky and country side. There is a contrast between the geometric human dug waterways, and the flowing beauty of the surrounding areas. The movement of the water, the life in the canals and the abrupt interference with nature interest me. I imagine the ditches to be like a liquid stream of untold stories. and untrapped energy.

Painting outside is a way for me to learn about my environment. It requires that I hold really still for awhile. Inspecting my surrounding and I translate my vision with paints. Looking at ordinary scenes and thinking about transforming them into something else can spark the impetus of creativity for me. and I ask myself, "where would we be without the ditch?"

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