Maria Neary

I love to paint and collage. I love to tell a story with my artwork.

My background as an animator, continues to inspire and influence me. As an animation artist, I would first get a script, then create a storyboard (small sketches) of rough ideas and after getting the go ahead, animate the script/story. It's that putting together of words and images that interests me.

Here I am, thirty years later, finding that I need to tell my own story. I use text and script in my paintings and deliberately keep some of it illegible. I want the viewer to interpret the piece and create their own story.

The word HOME inspires must be because I am in transition. Birds and flying haunt me...I guess they are trying to find their way home.

I enjoy working on both large canvases and smaller mixed-media, paper pieces. I am inspired by abstract expressionism. I start each painting by putting layers upon layer of paint on the canvas. When I am content with the layering, I start to create the story on top of the abstract painting. I love watching it evolve.

I do not approach it with any preconceived notion of how the finished piece will look. The words inspire the image and I find that the painting unfolds as I work.

I gave myself a challenge at the beginning of 2008, to spend the year painting within a grid and watching how my work evolved and where it would take me. Presently, I am ripping into old maps and layering them back into a map of my own world, which becomes the starting point for a new painting.

I have lived, taught art classes and exhibited in Boulder since 1978. A few of my favorite things (other than being in my studio) are: mountain biking, cross-country skiing, road trips, teaching art and early morning hikes with Tug.

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