Sherry Hart

"Transformation" is such an overused word these days, but I can't think of a better one to describe my work and my process. I find an object; it could be a shell or a bone or something man-made. Bowling pins, fan blades, and iron, a horn, a mannequin hand, toys, wooden animals have all been used. This object has attracted my attention and wants to become something. So I just ask it who it wants to be, and begin. This art is my interpretation of its answer.

I am an artist who lives on a tiny farm ("The Art Farm") surrounded by 3 ditches. When the farmers get carried away with flooding their fields, I will get a spontaneous flood on a part of my property. Many times I have call the ditch master, pleading to "turn it off!" I also live in fear of a 100 or 1000 year flood, that the water will be diverted to the farmers' ditches and although I don't live in a flood plain, that I will be vulnerable. The piece I do will be an altar or a "protective piece" that speaks to this situation.