Teri Gortmaker

I was raised on a farm in south east Texas by my mother and grandmother. My mother was a ER nurse who worked the 3 to 11PM shift for 35 years so my free time was spent helping my grandmother with whatever needed doing. In the process she taught me that nature in all its forms is a storehouse of endless surprises and beauty. I carry this love for the land with me always, so it follows that I love painting outside "on location" as often as possible or from life in the studio when its not. Pastel is my first choice. I love the way the dusty sticks feel in my hand and the directness of the application. I get excited just looking at all those wonderful colors standing in rows, like a bouquet from the garden, waiting to dance on the paper. I paint because I am endlessly excited about the process of translating what I see and feel about the world around me in to expressive form. Whether I am painting people, flowers, or landscape, the fun is in capturing the miracles.

Teri Gortmaker's work can be viewed at TeriGortmaker.com.