Bob Clyncke

Bob Clyncke

Ditch Rider for Davidson Ditch and Reservoir Company and Davidson Highline Lateral Ditch

74 year old Bob Clyncke's family has been farming in the Boulder Valley for 113 years. His 80 acre family farm where he raises hay, wheat and cattle is a Centennial Farm. Bob has been ditch rider for 15 years, and takes care of about 15 miles of ditch, between the Davidson and the Davidson Highline Lateral ditches. Park Lake, Blue Heron Lake and the Agitator ditch are all fed from the Davidson ditch. He has been involved with the ditch since 1974, when his father, a long-time Davidson Ditch Board member died.

"I wound up taking care of the ditch because I couldn't find anyone else to do it," says Bob. "Everyone said 'Hey you're doing all the work, you might as well get the money!', and so that's what I did."

Bob used to grow corn, but says that takes more work than he wants to put in these days. "Corn needs water in August, and Davidson is a junior ditch. We are out of priority around the fourth of July usually, and it was just too hard trying to get the yields," says Bob. The hardest part of his job is cleaning the 6 trash racks in Louisville and Lafayette. "People think the ditch is just a garbage disposal and they throw all kinds of trash in there. They don't think about the fact that someone has to pull OUT all the things they throw IN!"

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