Ditches as Public Amenities: Now

Ditches as Public Amenities: Now

Today, Boulderites are generally very fond of ditches, and everyone has a story to tell about "their" ditch. Perhaps it is the flash of silver water out of the corner of your eye as you drive down 30th or memories of tubing down Farmers Ditch on a hot day. The public has no "right" to these pleasures, in the way that others have a right to the water. Never-the-less, in Colorado, moving water is a miracle, and it touches our hearts.

"When are you turning the creek back on? The kids want to play in it." --Question to ditch rider Bob Pherson

Right, above: Two children canoeing in Farmers Ditch at Concord and Maxwell, ca 1910. Photo courtesy of Carnegie Branch Library for Local History, Boulder CO.

Right, below: Dogs cool off in Silver Lake Ditch. Photo by Joshua Lawton, Daily Camera

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