Industrial Uses of Ditch Water: Now

Industrial Uses of Ditch Water: Now

Xcel Energy is the main industrial user of ditch water in Boulder today. Xcel uses ditch water to cool and condense steam at the Valmont Station at 63rd near Arapahoe.

The Valmont Station generates enough power for 169,500 homes on average. Valmont Station is Xcel Energy's most efficient power plant, using coal and natural gas to generate electricity.

5000 gallons of ditch water are needed to generate all the power for an average home for a year.

Xcel Energy uses their Wellman, Leggett, East Boulder, Enterprise, Jones & Donnelly and Dry Creek #2 shares to fill the Valmont Lakes with the necessary ditch water.

Right: Valmont Station.  Photo courtesy of Xcel Energy.

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