Hayden's Geologic Map of Colorado, 1877

Hayden's Geologic Map of Northern Central Colorado, 1877

This geologic map was the most colorful result of the Hayden Survey. It shows various geological formations in north central Colorado, including the Laramie Formation, the Fox Hills Sandstone, and the Dakota group, neatly layered along the edge of the Boulder valley. The volcanic Valmont Butte stands out as a flat reddish oval, while alluvial deposits mark out the branches of Boulder creek. The dots along the shores indicate the potential for placer mining, while the red dots indicate (potentially) gold-bearing formations.

Western lands were viewed as opportunities for extractive industries, as this map clearly shows.  There were no National Parks or National Forests yet.  "Conservation" and "Environment" were unknown concepts.

Map courtesy of the Honorable Greg Hobbs Collection

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