Map of Kanzas and Nebraska Territory, 1855

Map of Kanzas (sic) and Nebraska Territory, 1855

This map shows the lands of the Louisiana Purchase, organized into the "Kanzas" and Nebraska territories following the Missouri Compromise. The creation of these new American territories by the Kansas-Nebraska Act ignored the Fort Laramie treaty, which recognized much of the land in the high plains as belonging to the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes. The boundary between the two territories, which split right through Colorado along what is now Boulder's Baseline Road, followed the 40th parallel, also known as the Mason-Dixon Line. This division allowed Kansas to decide on their own to join the free states or the slave states in the years leading up to the Civil War. Kansas ultimately chose to be a free state.

Note that on this map, CU's main campus would be in Nebraska, while Willams Village and the President's residence would be in "Kanzas".

Map courtesy of the Denver Public Library.

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