...and changed our ecosystem too.

...and changed our ecosystem too.

  • Canada geese were rarely seen in Boulder.
  • Historically, there was no lake fishing on the plains.

Approximately 1/3rd of Boulder lakes are gravel pits which have backfilled with groundwater seeping in from the creek. The remaining 2/3rd are reservoirs built to store irrigation and drinking water, and are filled by irrigation ditches.

Gravel-pit ponds exposed to air experience greater evaporation than if the water had remained underground as groundwater. Building lakes and reservoirs can cause a net loss of the total amount of water in the system. As our globe warms and summer temperatures increase, we will continue to loose more water to evaporation. Expect an increase in summertime humidity along the Front Range, and a decrease in water available for agriculture and cities.

Photos courtesy of City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

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