Andrews and Farwell Ditch

Andrews & Farwell Ditch

Established: June 1 1864

Priority Number: 11

Acres under ditch: 815 originally

Water Source: South Boulder Creek via New Dry Creek Carrier

Andrews & Farwell is one of several ditches that come off Dry Creek. Dry Creek was originally just that: a dry creek channel in a gully that headed back north to Boulder Creek. But early pioneers realized that if they dug a short section of ditch from South Boulder Creek across some low hills, they could dump South Boulder Creek water into Dry Creek, and use it as a carrier to get water to new places. Once Dry Creek has water in it, other farmers dug ditches off of it, including Cottonwood #2, Leyner Cottonwood, Lewis H Davison, and Dry Creek Davidson.

Andrews & Farwell measuring weir, looking northeast.

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