Boulder and White Rock Ditch

Boulder & White Rock Ditch

Established: November 1 1873

Priority Number: 35

Acres under ditch: 7500 originally

Water Source: Boulder Creek

James Jackson Beasley was a 28 year-old married Missouri farmer and father when gold was discovered in Colorado. In the spring of 1860, he drove a large herd of cattle from Missouri out to Denver, and sold them off. Over the next six years he made 3 more trips back to “the States” to bring more herds out across the plains.

He brought his family out to Colorado in 1863, and lost one son on the journey west. He made enough money trading stock to buy a 240 acre farm near Longmont in 1871. The very next year he began the survey for the Boulder and White Rock Ditch, to bring water to his land. The ditch was completed two years later at a cost of $16,731. Beasley went on to acquire another 960 acres of land, much of which he passed on to his children. He and his son after him served as presidents of the Boulder & White Rock for many years.

Boulder & White Rock Ditch System.

Beasley Family portraits.

Map courtesy of the Boulder and Whiterock Ditch Company.

Portraits courtesy of the Longmont Museum.

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