Dry Creek Davidson Ditch

Dry Creek Davidson Ditch

Established: May 1 1863

Priority Number: 7

Acres under ditch: 1805 originally

Water Source: South Boulder Creek via New Dry Creek Carrier

Dry Creek Davidson Headgate.

This place has changed very little in the last 100 years, perhaps because it has been farmed continuously.

William A. Davidson built the Davidson-Dry Creek Ditch, as well as the Davidson Ditch. When you read his biography, you can understand how this extremely energetic and prolific man could say of constructing the six mile long Davidson Dry Creek Ditch, “Work of construction occupied but few days.”

This pay receipt for work on Davidson-Dry Creek illustrates why your mother would threaten you with growing up to be a ditch digger, if you did not pay attention in school.

William A. Davidson. Photo courtesy of Carnegie Branch Library for Local History.

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