Enterprise Ditch

Enterprise Ditch

Established: February 1 1865

Priority Number: 12

Acres under ditch: 1880 originally

Water Source: South Boulder Creek

In 1909, there was still not an accurate and easy way to measure water; the Parshall flume had not been invented yet. There must have been some terrible never-ending arguments about the division of water.

As a result, a state employee, perhaps a water commissioner or a State Engineer photographed headgates, measuring flumes and divider boxes along South Boulder Creek ditches. He meticulously annotated our landscape 100 years ago. We have used his photographs extensively in our re-photographic survey, and much more could be learned from them. I am eternally grateful to this un-named man’s compulsively meticulous habits. He has enriched our Ditch Project.

He titled this photograph “Enterprise Ditch, Division Box near E. B. Wilson’s, Looking N.E., picture taken Nov. 9, 1909.” There is a small sign on the side of the division box in the photograph. The “E” stands for “Enterprise.” “11” means the 11th structure he photographed. The numbers below are the date he took this photo, near E. B. Wilson’s turkey pen, just before Thanksgiving, a century ago. Thank you!

Photo courtesy of Carnegie Branch Library of Local History.

Enterprise Ditch has gone through some big changes over the years. Originally, the ditch flowed through land now covered by both Hillcrest and Baseline Reservoirs. The branch of the Enterprise that went through Baseline still emerges from the northeast corner of Baseline and continues on down-ditch. The other branch that went through Hillcrest has been re-routed to skirt the side of the Valmont Lakes, and continue to its terminus.

Stock certificate courtesy of Xcel Energy.

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