Leggett Ditch

Leggett Ditch

Established: May 1 1868

Priority Number: 30

Acres under ditch: 5145 originally

Water Source: Boulder Creek

Leggett was once two separate structures: Leggett Ditch and Revolution Ditch, which are now the same physical structure. Leggett ditch diverts for irrigation and storage in Panama Reservoir. On some old maps, the Leggett ditch is called the Charity Ditch. Jeremiah Leggett was a Boulder pioneer.

Jeremiah and Augusta Leggett settled on land belonging to Porter Hinman, Augusta’s father, in 1866. Stone, History of Colorado, Vol IV. Portrait courtesy of Ann Dyni. Advertisement from the 1881 map of Boulder, map courtesy of Carnegie Branch Library of Local History.

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