Ditch Symposium

Ditch Symposium

A one-day Ditch Symposium about the ditches of Boulder was held on Saturday May 16th, at the Boulder Public Library. The Symposium was sponsored by the Boulder Watershed Initiative and the Colorado Foundation for Water Education. Coming soon: podcasts from the Ditch Symposium.

Welcome and opening remarks

Paul Hempel

Ditches & the Town

Michael Holleran

The Water Ditch, Basis of Civilization In the West from the Native Americans On

Justice Greg Hobbs

Boulder, A Constructed Oasis

Bob Crifasi

And on the sixth day, He created ditches, and He saw that they were good.

Ed and Betsy Marston

Flood, Drought and Difficult People Under Customary Spanish Water Law in Northern New Mexico

Stanley Crawford

Free-flowing & Mud-clear, Ditches as Inspiration

Chuck Forsman

Cha Cha

Jason Emery

A Soft Spot for "Small": Why Little Ditches Have So Much More Charm than Big Ones

Patricia Limerick

The view from the pitchfork

Richard Behrmann

Bob Carlson

John McKenzie

Catherine Long Gates

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda... What We'll Wish We'd Done with Ditches, Twenty Years From Now

John Wiener

Ditches and Climate Change: Greater Demands and Earlier Supply (Good News for Spring Crops, Not-So-Good News for Sweet Corn)

Lee Rozaklis