Exhibit Archive

The Ditch Project exhibit at the Boulder Public Library included:

  • A pond with live plants commonly found along irrigation ditches.
  • Displays of 14 different creatures (stuffed dead) which have been influenced by Front Range water development of ditches and reservoirs. This included a beaver, great horned owl, night-heron, bats, Canada geese, muskrat, and Preble's meadow jumping mouse.
  • Entrance ramps to the exhibit configured as flumes. Visitors calculated how many cfs of water would be coming down the ramp they were standing in.
  • An interactive stevens recorder. With the aid of a simple pulley, visitors changed the water level in the float chamber and watched the pen move.
  • A working headgate valve which children (and adults) played with.
  • A Fresno scraper and a backhoe bucket to compare and contrast.
  • A ditch rider mannequin, along with "The Ditch Rider's Lament", poetry by Tim Ostwald.
  • An interactive working model of the tramming system used to replace the Silver Lake Ditch pipes hanging in the canyon. Visitors used cranks to lift the pipes up the "cliff" and then along the pipe-line.

Elementary School Education Programs
In partnership with Curry Rosato, COB Watershed Outreach Coordinator, and participating artists, city staff presented educational material about safety and uses of irrigation water to classes in elementary schools bordering ditches. Artists in the show then helped students create art work about ditches which was then displayed at the Library and other City buildings.

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