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Fwd: intro. to online drought, fire, and flood dialouge
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 10:49:49 EDT

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Maybe I sent this to the wrong place on my first attempt.

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Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 23:23:31 EDT
Subject: Re: intro. to online drought, fire, and flood dialouge
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My name is Clancy Philipsborn. I am President of The Mitigation Assistance
Corporation, the nations' premier and solely focused firm on Hazard
Mitigation. I graduated from the CU-Natural Hazards program in 1978. Gilbert
White was my advisor. I then worked for FEMA (and its predecessor, actually)
for 10 years. (1978-1987). TMAC has been in business for 15 years now (1985 -

My current job, providing technical assistance to the recovery, redevelopment
and mitigation planning process in Los Alamos, New Mexico is the 100th
Presidential Disaster Declaration I have had a role in. (Big Thompson was my
first!). I have 4 other jobs going concurrently.

I have lived in Boulder since 1976. I live in a structure soon to be
incorporated into the newly mapped floodplain -- as a by product of all the
CU-South Campus-neighborhood brouhaha. I also own a cabin in an area subject
to wildfire (but am developing defensible space).

My interest is a general interest in hazards and Boulder. I believe Boulder
does some things very, very well --- and just plain misses the boat on others.

Clancy Philipsborn, President
The Mitigation Assistance Corporation
Boulder, Colorado
303-494-4242 (voice)
303-494-3071 (data)
Celebrating our 15th Anniversary

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