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Scott C. Reuman (
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 21:58:50 -0400

I really appreciate Michael's comments. One thing that occurs to me is the
general reaction to "drought." If the popularization is made that "plenty
of water exists" but several successive years prove otherwise, cries for
storage facilities (ie, dams) will echo across the Front Range. Users that
are not aware of preciptation cycles assume that "average" rainfall arrives
yearly and when it does not, they've been cheated and deceived. It is
quite common to hear on tv and radio weather forecasts that "the state is
ahead/behind in **normal** rainfall". People may not even hear "average"
if the term is used. Policies should be built around minimums, not around
maximums. The Colorado River pact used maximums and now western states
fight for their share of non-existent water. "Plenty of water" is a term
that should not reach the uneducated ear.

Scott R.
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