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Connie Woodhouse (
Thu, 26 Oct 2000 09:37:37 -0600

> My experience on the Sugar Loaf fire deparment is that new
> residents in the mountains fall into two groups: those that are
> totally clueless about the risks of mountain living, haven't given fire
> protection (or any emergency response) a single thought, and are
> surprised when they find out the fire department can't control every
> situation, and those that came from rural areas and assume the
> local fire dept can do nothing. I've heard lots of comments from the
> second group about how you if live in the mountains, you get good
> insurance and take your chances.

This sounds about right. I live on Sugar Loaf Rd., are we are just
within the fire district, but I don't expect that the fire department
will save our house in a forest fire. This spring, we checked to make
sure the insurance was up-to-date, targeted trees near the house that
would get cut down, and what would go in the metal garage if there was a


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