Stakeholder Update
June 2000


Dear BASIN Stakeholders,

The BASIN project team has been very busy during the last few months, and we have lots to update you about!

Water Quality Data: Posting of city of Boulder water quality data is progressing nicely. We already have total organic compound, pH, dissolved oxygen, and nutrient data available online. Jim Waterman of BASIN developed a great way to display this complex data in a way that is easily understood by the general public. So far, the feedback on these data sets has been really positive.

Sheila Murphy, our research analyst, is busy preparing other types of water quality data. In addition, she has made significant progress in getting other communities to provide their data for the site. Denver Water has provided water quality data on South Boulder Creek that should be up on the website by July. Longmont's data on St. Vrain is also in the works. Please check out the spatial data catalog on the BASIN website and let us know what you think.

Outreach and Marketing: The team has been very busy with outreach over the past months. Mark and Sheila have given great presentations to a variety of groups including the state Flood and Drought task forces and EPA Region 8 and on local radio station KGNU. These presentations have been favorably received and have given us a great deal of exposure. If you would like to have us give a presentation of the project to your business or community group, please let us know.

We just completed a Green Report, a Channel 8 environmental program, on the watershed. Watch for it to air soon. It features the work of the core project team, and includes interviews with Chris Rudkin (city of Boulder), Sheila Murphy (BASIN), David Sample (CU) and Mark McCaffrey (BASIN). We now have BASIN brochures and posters available. If you'd like some to display or give to associates, let us know and we'll send them your way. We've issued several press releases, which have been picked up by such diverse media as the Longmont paper and the Boulder County Business Report. In addition, we had a BASIN utility bill insert in the June city of Boulder water bills. Our bi-monthly newsletter is now available in electronic form and in hardcopy. Hardcopies are distributed in various city offices. The electronic version is distributed to an email listserve. If you aren't already on the listserve, let us know and we'll add you.

Mark represented BASIN at the Boulder Earth Day Festival, the Boulder Creek Festival and the Children's Water Festival. At each event, we had our brochures and other information available for the public. Future presentations will include the Stockholm International Water Symposium in August and the AWRA state convention in Vail in September. School Outreach: We've make alot of progress in our school educational outreach. Currently, the Sojourner School in Boulder is working on an 'environmental reporter' project in which they are creating a video on Boulder Creek and water quality. When its completed, the video will be shown on Channel 54 and complete details on the project will be available on the BASIN website.

A New Water Quality Study: The U.S. Geological Survey, BASIN and the city of Boulder are working on a new summer and fall water quality investigation of Boulder Creek. High-flow and low-flow water quality sampling of Boulder Creek from upstream of the town of Eldorado to below the confluence of Boulder Creek and Coal Creek will be carried out to determine geologic and human influences on water chemistry and to provide a baseline data set for constraining future impacts. A variety of measurements will be performed on the water samples, including pH, dissolved oxygen, and major element, metal, pesticide and pharmaceutical concentrations. BASIN project team members Dr. Larry Barber (U.S.G.S.) and Sheila Murphy are designing and implementing the study that will include a large number of U.S.G.S and city of Boulder participants. This study promises to be highly useful and we are excited to be a partner. Check out our website for developments at the study get underway.

Household Cleaner Alternatives: A great new resource is now available on BASIN that gives alternatives to harmful, toxic household cleaners. Sheila compiled an extensive list of cleaners, the harmful affects of these cleaners and alternatives to their use that are environmentally benign. The next time you reach for the heavy-duty cleaner, check out the website first for a better solution! You can go directly to the information at

New Project Manager: As you may know, Gene Dilworth left the project in January to go back to school. Tammy Fiebelkorn came on board in January. Tammy is a consultant with a background in energy and air quality issues. If any of you would like to contact Tammy, please feel free to give her a call at 441-1964. Website Redesign: We are currently in the midst of a website redesign. As the amount of information we provide grows, we are finding that the current design is becoming more and more cumbersome. Mark, Jim and the wonderful BCN volunteers developed a new architecture that will make navigation of the site much easier. The changes are underway now and should be ready sometime in late July, so be watching for it.

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