How do we get our own domain for our BCN pages?

Organizations often ask BCN how they can continue to maintain their pages with BCN but access them from their own domain name, like "" (where the organization is named "bouldernpo"). This page helps answer that question.

Remember that BCN is a lean, grass-roots organization working hard to promote real community in Boulder County. We believe that the hundreds of community-oriented organizations on the site benefit from sharing the well known name "". It's our "community brand".... There are also other considerations (extra load on our volunteers and staff, technical interactions with support for email, ftp, and other services, how we share server support with CU, the potential need for skilled support around the clock, time and effort, mission, etc) that lead us to choose not to provide our own support for custom domains at this time.

Please read this page carefully and bear in mind that this is a complex area, and BCN doesn't have the resources to help individual organizations address it. If you have specific suggestions for improving this page, or questions that you think others share, please forward them to coordinator at but don't ask us for individualized assistance. The other organizations we reference here should be able to help you.

But there are ways to provide an alternative name for your site by working with other web service providers.

We do request that you notify us if you move forward with your own domain which refers to your pages

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Last modified: Thu Aug 5 17:06:18 MDT 1999