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About BCN

The Boulder Community Network is seeking donations to buy a new $3000 web server to replace its 10-year old hardware. The first $1000 in contributions will be matched 200% thru the generosity of Paul von Behren and Sun Microsystems. The new server will give us lots more memory, disk space and processing power to serve the 150 community web sites that BCN hosts.

The deadline for the matching gift offer is March 31st 2006.

Please send checks, made out to "Boulder Community Network", to
Boulder Community Network
C/O Jack Zeller
1007 Artemis Circle
Lafayette, CO 80026

About the Boulder Community Network

The Boulder Community Network is about "Technology Serving Community". Since 1993 we have pioneered a new way, the World Wide Web, to directly serve members of the public with detailed information and services from agencies and organizations in Boulder County. We currently host 150 local web sites.

And in a world where technology has become the focus, BCN also provides an often missing key ingredient: the people. BCN's volunteers help non profit agencies redesign the way they do business.

We are very efficient with your money. Consider how a one-time $50 donation would help us serve the community. First it would be matched twice, providing a total of $150: 5% of the server cost. The server it helps fund would function for years to come. Each year, your 5% of the server would support 7 non-profit web sites, and help over 10000 people each view 10 pages of information about the environment, local news, community organizations, and much more.

Boulder Community Network is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization so donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Last Update: by Neal McBurnett & Paul von Behren
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