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BCN Technical Advisory Committee

Popular demand and the BCN Board of directors have motivated the formation of a BCN technical committee as a regular forum for addressing BCN technical issues. The responsibilites of this committee include supporting:


BCN technical committee meetings are open to the public and all BCN volunteers are welcome to attend. The committee meets on the first Thursday of each month at 5:15 pm at the BCN World Headquarter (aka CU Computing center at 33nd and Marine Street in Boulder) to assess general technical issues. Sub-groups of the Technical Committee may occassionally convene to address specific technical issues (eg database support, discussion groups). Meeting minutes are achived here . The current TAC chair is Paul von Behren . The TAC mailing list is archived here (select a year after you follow the link), but you need the id/password to access the mail archives. Common technical issues are documented in Tech Notes (also requires userid and password).

The committee serves as a information resource for specific requests from the BCN Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and information contributors. The committee also assists in connecting contributors to technically proficient volunteers and identifying new technical issues. The meetings are conducted at a moderately technical level but strives to be useful to less experienced members of the BCN community. Highly technical issues will be addressed by special subcommittees when appropriate.

It is hoped that the committee will attract a core volunteer membership who will attend regularly and accept assignments to research, develop and maintain BCN technical support facilities. Ideally this group will include volunteers to bring specific technical expertise in areas such as database support, PC and MAC hardware configurations, MS Windows and Unix administration, CGI scripting and other special interest areas.


The committee will establish and maintain a committee WWW site and a listserv based discussion forum. Volunteers are still sought to fulfill the roles of secretary (take and report meeting minutes); listserv manager and WWW site manager. The exisiting email list will be used to initiate committee operations.

Procedures will be established for developing and distributing the monthly committee agenda and minutes. Potential special interest subcommittees will be identified and staffed as required.

Each meeting will be conducted using a standard agenda; such as the following basic agenda template:

        Convene; present, modify and accept the meeting agenda.
        Present and accept the minutes from the previous meeting.
        Address old business arising from previous meetings
        Address issues from the board
        Address issues from the staff
        Address issues from the volunteer coordinator
        Reports from special interest subcommittees.
        Open forum for new business
        Identify and assign action items

Initial Agenda items:

        Develop committee operational procedures 
        Discuss online discussion group strategies (software/management/support)
        Develop email listserver facilities 
        Consider domain name support
        Identify new server migration issues
        Public access support issues

Long range objectives:

        Integrated search facilities 
        Database needs assessment
        Help facilities development 
        Community calendar support
        Expanded page development support
        General CGI development support

Potential spheres of operations:

BCN Server Factilities

        Operations Mangement
        Disk Space Management
        Software Management
        Strategic Planning
        Design support
        Contributor site management support
        Access support (logins, telnet/lynx support)
        FAQs and help support facilities
        Policy Support Issues.

WWW server

        Site management support
        Standard page elements (counters, modtag, headers, footers, logos etc)
        CGI Scripting support
        Standard CGI Scripts (MailComments, AddLink) 
        Database support
        Page and Site Design Support
        Logging and performace reporting
        Search Engines
        Content Integration

Access support

        Telnet/Lynx support
        Dialup facilities & Modem pool
        Public Access sites
        Non-profit client access support
        User support (PC and MAC)

Special facilities

        Discussion groups       
        Mail list operations
        Fund raising.
        Access equity issues

Last Update: , by Paul von Behren at vbbehren at
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