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January 6th, 2000 TAC Minutes

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Last Update: January 6th, 2000

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Y2K Update

Paul V. having some ELM time stamp problems on his BCN account

Hypermail for Association of Community Networks. BCN provides a mail list archive. There are problems using new version of hypermail because it is not backwards compliant. Jim W. has done a patch

Jim W. is updating non compliant date counters as he finds them. He or ITS staff will fix the ELM problem


OSCN is on a UPS thanks to Paul V

BCN is on an older UPS thanks to Doreen

CD Burner

the real concern here is about backing up OSCN does CU do remote Microsoft back ups on a regular basis?

Biggest problems with back up is getting it done Paul V is getting it done
Staff will check with ITS small systems group
Paul V & T will tell BCN which CD Burner to buy
Jim W. will look at OSCN making a copy to BCN and having ITS back it up when they back BCN up
Paul V & T will look at adding a computer/ drive to OSCN and backing up to the new computer from which CD back ups can be made

We are looking at how to automate the back up of the following databases

We will check with the authors of these databases about how to do an ASCI dump to BCN

FTP Problem Update

waiting for response from Dave Goldhammer

Paul V still having FTP problems

appears that an FTP update was installed that is causing the problems although we are not sure. Due to a security concern it may have been loaded too soon without checking out the bugs

Jim W. will work on fixing.

Inventory of BCN

Lynn had suggested during Y2K prep that we might want to look at cleaning up some space.

If Home directory is getting too big we should first e-mail Jim W and Neal to have them clean up.

We will remove users access for those not related to BCN (Passwd file add an asterisk so they canŐt log in but can easily be restored)


Homework for next meeting review