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February 3rd, 2000 TAC Minutes

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Last Update: February 3rd, 2000

In Attendance


  • Neal


    Accessibility Homework for Feb meeting is to review


    windows HTML tools update

    FTP Problem Update

  • No progreess, do Paul or BCN still have problem?
  • Mention CATI request
  • TAR / unzip discussion
  • Paul will help them for 1/2 hour if they still need help to download their files

    Home directory Update

    CD Burner uddate

  • On back burner
  • back up on tape for onestop done
  • should change default to reboot


  • Consumer
  • kid
  • complaint Counters
  • test script if url there
  • reset
  • server side include in browser can read any file on BCN
  • apache is running in promiscious mode regarding links in other directories
  • fast cgi or modperl - rewrite all scripts
  • where is counter database
  • Next Meeting Agenda

  • . FTP-only accounts - Neal
  • Domain name document update -Neal