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March 2nd, 2000 TAC Minutes

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Last Update: March 23rd, 2000

In Attendance


There was a change to Washington Univ. FTP from SUNFTP a couple of months ago. It was a securtiy upgrade. Mikle Carter sent a message out. May be a source of BCN FTP problems

Suggestion that BCN create a website that documents a history of complaints.

Create a team of people to respond. Somewhat like DIPP that has 6 peopl on it.

Create a ticket tracking system for customer service, technical support and creates a troublesheet.

Discussion on BCN providing FTP class or publishing class

What is driving limited FTP access?

Paul V. will do a cheat sheet for setting up an Annex Account for users with Windows '95

Paul V., Jim W, (Pierre) and Ernie will add to the accessibility tools page

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