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Rules, Regulations and Taxes

This page contains links to regulatory and tax information in Boulder County, Colorado State, and the U.S. Government .

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                                       by Chuck Baker, Business Center Developer

Boulder County Rules and Regulations

Board of Boulder County Commissioners

Boulder Community Network: Government Center
Links to many Boulder County City and Town Governments

Boulder County Assessor

Boulder County Government General Information

Boulder County Land Use Department - Planning, Zoning, Building City of Boulder Charter and Code
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Colorado State Rules and Regulations

Colorado Department of Agriculture

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Colorado Department of Revenue Colorado Division of Fire Safety SBA: Small Business Administration -- Denver, CO District Office

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U.S. Government Rules and Regulations

U.S. Business Advisor   One-stop access to federal government information, services and transactions. Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce

Department of Homeland Security
Department of Labor Department of Treasury

Many Government forms are stored in .pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) will enable you to view and print .pdf documents. Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software

Environmental Protection Agency Federal Trade Commission Food and Drug Administration Patent and Trademark Office SBA: Small Business Administration [Graphical]

SBA: Small Business Administration [Text]

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Last Update:  , by Chuck Baker,  Business Center Developer
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