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Secondhand Tobacco Smoke is a Known Carcinogen

May 16, 2000.

Secondhand tobacco smoke was added to the ninth report of known carcinogens issued by the U. S. Public and Human Services. News coverage was released by the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in its bi-annual report on carcinogens.

From Reuters News Service...

"Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), separate chemicals in ETS, smokeless tobacco, and of course, tobacco smoking, topped the upgraded list.

"The report, published on the Internet at, cited reports that showed second-hand tobacco smoke can cause lung cancer, as well as studies showing that nonsmoking wives and co-workers of smokers have higher rates of lung cancer.

"Tobacco smoke was also listed as a known cause. 'Separate chemicals identified in tobacco smoke were already listed as carcinogens in the report,' it said. The new listing came after 1996 revisions in the review process.

"Smokeless tobacco, including chewing tobacco and snuff, were listed, as well as consumption of alcohol, too much sun and the use of tanning beds or sun lamps."

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