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Tobacco as a Problem for Children

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  • Smokefree Movies Campaign

    Disturbed by how much smoking you see in popular movies? It's no accident. Long used by Big Tobacco to sell its products, Hollywood movies allow the tobacco industry to skirt TV advertising bans and restrictions on marketing to kids. On Monday, March 12, [2001], Stanton Glantz launched an extended campaign to make Hollywood confront its irresponsible behavior in promoting tobacco use in movies and the crucial role that this plays worldwide.

    They are trying to convince movie executives to stop marketing to our kids. There are four top media bosses whose studios have promoted tobacco on screen that are being targeted as part of the Smoke Free Movies campaign: Steve Case at AOL TimeWarner (Warner Bros.), Sumner Redstone at Viacom (Paramount Pictures), Michael Eisner at Disney (Touchstone, Buena Vista) and Rupert Murdoch at News Corp (20th Century Fox). Two of these four media giants have former or current Philip Morris CEOs on their boards.

    Tobacco companies came under Congressional pressure to stop paying Hollywood studios cash to feature their deadly products in 1989. Yet published studies show that tobacco presence in top-grossing films - both PG-13 and R-rated - actually increased throughout the 1990s.

    This campaign combines a series of full page newspaper ads with a web site that provides extensive supporting information.

    The web site is -

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