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Pesticide Use on Tobacco Crops in Brazil

Report by Christian Aid
DESER on British American Tobacco subsidiary, Souza Cruz
February 2, 2002
{Note: Christian Aid is based in the U.K.}

Tobacco kills smokers. But a new report from Christian Aid, the culmination of two years work in southern Brazil, raises serious concerns about the health and safety of family farmers who grow tobacco.

Interviews with small-scale, family farmers under contract to Souza Cruz, British American Tobacco's Brazilian subsidiary, have revealed fundamental problems in the relationship between tobacco company and grower.

Farmers are sold pesticides by the company, which they use on their crop. But many suffer an annual catalogue of illnesses linked to the tobacco-growing season. Experts consulted by Christian Aid believe their symptoms indicate pesticide poisoning.

One farmer from Brazil who has been left permanently ill, and whose condition has been linked by his doctors to pesticide use, is attempting to sue Souza Cruz for compensation. Hooked on tobacco brings you the full story of farmers in Brazil who are putting tobacco in the world's cigarettes.

British American Tobacco report, Contents

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