The Alliance of Boulder County
on Tobacco and Health

Women and Smoking, A Fatal Attraction,
by Dr. Nancy Snyderman

A television special, presented by Dr. Nancy Snyderman, on an ABC News Special on July 5, 2001, presented extensive coverage about the unique problems women have when it comes to health problems caused by or aggravated by tobacco also has extensive web coverage. Some highlights are -

Serious Health Effects of Passive Smoking
Living or Working With a Smoker    
Banning Smoking in Public Places
Living or Working With a Smoker
Restricting Smoking in Public Places
Ready to Quit?
When Women Kick the Habit
Tobacco Makers Market to Women Overseas
Targeting Tobacco to Women; Marketing in China
Why Do Women Smoke?
'I Am Lucky To Be Alive'
The Hazards of Starting Young
Killer Lurking in the Room
What Do Tobacco Companies Say?

See a summary ot the TV presentation at -

An online survey that asked the question "should smoking be banned in all public places" gave the following result (as of the day after the broadcast) -

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