Evaluation of the Exercise: the POSITIVE approach

The Critique: A chance to share ideas, and learn from experiences without negativism

Explorers and adults benefit most from an exercise such as this when positive reinforcement and encouragement are provided by their peers, and by mentors. Criticism is not welcomed. Recognizing that situations of this nature are highly stressful, even in simulations, emphasizing positive aspects and offering helpful suggestions from other experiences has been shown to improve future skills, and increase enthusiasm for further training and simulations.

When Explorers are treated as colleagues by their advisors, mentors, and by their fellow Explorers, they tend to rise to the occasion, and to demonstrate exceptional abilities and creativity in solving difficult and challenging situations. Providing encouragement, praise, and enthusiasm opens new horizons for confidence, acceptance, and motivation on the part of the Explorers.

The Players

Extensive efforts, time, equipment, and most of all, creativity and talent on the part of Explorers, mentors, advisors, parents, professional consultants, public safety agencies, and many others, has made this event possible. It is impossible to express adequately, the gratitude and praise appropriate for such outstanding contributions; rather, it is better to recognize that the efforts which have gone into this undertaking can have remarkable dividends in the immediate and the more distant future. Explorers are increasingly called upon to serve their communities in real, and ever-increasing natural and man-made disasters. With their enthusiasm, fitness, energy and creativity, when coupled with good training and simulation exercises, Explorers can fill a valuable role in responding to and mitigating such events which outstrip the normal community emergency resources.

Explorers who participate in such vital training and simulation exercises best exemplify the principles expressed in the Explorer code, and particularly the Explorer motto: "Our Best Today for a Better Tomorrow."

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