The 1994 Explorer Mock Disaster is featured in the April 1995 edition of "Exploring" magazine. The exercise was first started in 1993 as a simulated aircraft crash. Explorers expressed a strong interest in completely planning, and operating a simulated mass casualty incident (M.C.I.) in which they assume the roles of first responders, incident commanders, medical triage, rescue, fire, law enforcement, "victims," communications, and many other roles normally handled by adults. The event has been recognized nationally at the Federal Emergency Management Agency's annual Disaster Preparedness and Family Protection Conference as a unique and effective way of involving Explorers in emergency management. One emergency manager attending the 1994 event stated that the Explorers were highly effective and performed as well or better than some exercises involving strictly adult professional organizations. A new specialty for Explorers has evolved in which Explorers who belong to existing posts may also participate as members of Emergency Management Posts to enhance their overall abilities to deal with disasters and to provide invaluable support to their community emergency service organizations through public education about disasters, and actual support of emergency services during disasters.

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