A. Crime Scene

"paint ball" scenario for "bad guys" and "cops"
injuries: gunshot wounds, haz mat exposure
victims: "cops and bad guys"
other victims: bystanders, fire, medical responders
observers: observation area for spectators
victim evacuation: victims to be transported to area hospitals for realism
ambulances/helicopters: AMR, Flight for Life, Airlife

Ambulance ThumbnailAmbulances (800x600 256 color gif, 97K)
equipment: CSP Communications Van
ICV: Incident Command Unit will serve as control and communications center
CSP Hazardous Materials Response Unit--For Demonstration and support
Boulder County Hazardous Materials Response Unit for Support
EIS computer : Jim Lynn with CSP will support with Haz Mat unit
Safety Officer: Safety officer and an advisor for scenario, safety staff to prevent injury
Fire Dept Coordination/response: Longmont Post with other Denver Metro Posts


0700 Setup/ Makeup/Moulage
0830 Briefing
0900 Exercise Starts
1100 Exercise ends
1100 Debriefing/Critique
1130 Lunch (provided by committee)
1200 Cleanup/Departure

C. Pre-staging

Participant and visitor Parking
staging area, nearby parking lot
Fire scene, ambulances, rescue, general equipment to move into "hot zone" when cleared by law enforcement
Moulaging: Fitzsimons staff, in FTC classrooms, then send to casualty area
Helicopter LZ: outside lot or other area (coordinated by fire/rescue posts or CAP

D. Scenario "Script"

-Radio traffic about "swat" operation on drug factory
-shots fired
-officer down,
-perps escape with hostages, law enforcement responds, engages perps
-factory explodes,
-multiple casualty incident due to gunshot wounds and fire/explosion, toxic gases
-rescue/medical/incident command/law enforcement units summoned/respond to scenes

Ground View ThumbnailGround View (800x600 256 color gif, 94K)

Aerial View ThumbnailAerial View (800x600 256 color gif, 106K)

-hostages negotiated for, rescued
-victims triaged, rescued, treated, transported to hospitals, receive definitive care.
-fires suppressed
-hazardous materials evaluated/controlled
-public information officers disseminate information to media
-victim advocates support victims and families
-"bad guys" disarmed, arrested, transported to jail

E. DEMOS: CSP Communications, CSP HAZ MAT, BC HAZ MAT units outside FTC fence

F. Post Disaster:

Debriefing, Critique

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