The Explorer Mock Disaster is a combined Explorer Officers Association Activity sponsored by the BoulderCity/County Office of Emergency Managment/American Red Cross Explorer Post 493; and by Boulder County Sheriff's Department Explorer Post 500, in cooperation with the Explorer Officer's Associations of Denver Area Council, Longs Peak Council, and Pikes Peak Council, Boy Scouts of America. The event shall be held at the STORAGE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION WELLNESS CENTER NEAR LOUISVILLE, CO, to begin at 8:00 am and end by 1:00 p.m., Sunday, May 3 1998.Transportation to and from this event shall be the responsibility of the participants and/or observers. This event is designed to provide "hands-on" experiences for young adults of the Explorer program in the planning, conduct and critique of a simulated mass casualty incident (MCI) in which a simulated law enforcement response to a bomb threat and hostage/terrorist situation resulting in mass casualties due to explosions, fires, etc. Participants may be assigned roles of simulated injuries utilizing theatrical makeup, smoke, and moulages, and Explorer actors will be trained in appropriate responses. Explorers assigned as responders and managers of the event shall be trained by qualified mentors and advisors for their roles. Actual emergency vehicles and apparatus shall be used by explorers under supervision of qualified adult advisors for responding in this exercise. Smoke generators and other simulation equipment may also be employed. This event shall be entirely planned and operated by Explorers under supervision and mentoring of qualified adult leaders and experts in the field of emergency management and public safety. In accordance with accepted practice for operation of such events, a qualified safety officer shall be assigned to oversee and manage actual safety issues prior to and during conduct of this event to ensure risk reduction, and shall have authority to terminate or modify any portion of the exercise prior to or during conduct of the event, which is determined to present risk to life and property. While every effort has been made to ensure the safety of participants and observers at this event, there are possibilities of unforeseen injury or illness to participants and/or observers as a result of attendance at or participation in this event. In recognition of the benefits derived from participation in this event, all participants and observers (including parents/guardians of explorer youth under age 18) shall agree to the terms of release of liability and medical treatment consent as specified below. CAUTION: The realism of this exercise may be stressful for participants and observers. Advisors are encouraged to prepare youth members for the exercise in advance, and to assist in debriefing or counseling as needed if signs of stress are present before, during, or after the exercise. 

Because representatives of the media will be present, participants and observers agree to allow their photographs and names to be used in documentary photographs, videotapes, recordings, written material and publications which may result from this event. Participants and observers agree to abide by the Explorer Code and event standards of conduct including but not limited to appropriate behavior, appropriate language, and personal appearance.