Early Morning Arrival, Check-in and Preparation

(32K) Check in at the Visitor's Center

(30K) There were plenty of donuts!! and juice before the event.

(17K) Incident Commander

(15K) The Advisor

Other advisors:

(18K)  (22K)

 Agency Equipment Arrives

(24K)  (20K)  (16K)

Group Gatherings

(24K)  (24K)  (26K)

(25K)  (35K)

Victims = Moulage:

(21K)  (18K)  (21K)

(13K)  ( 21K)  (15K)

The Action

The dignatary arrives:


The action begins:


(18K ) The bad guys inside  Hostages (9K)

(35K) The bad guys outside, across the road

Victims Inside

(24K)  (25K)

Ambulances arrive at the Recreaction Center

  (24K)  (24K)  (30K)

Medical in action and the Transportation Officer in control.

(27K)  (26K)  (24K)

(22K)  (24K)  (22K)

Communication Center


Medical Debriefing After the Event

(22K)  (21K)

All others Debriefing After the Event

(38K)  (33K)