Boulder County Career & Hobby Explorer Posts

Career Emphasis or Special Interest Sponsor Contact for Information Phone (303)
Post Number
[Meeting Information]
Aviation Flatirons Aviation Dana Falconier 581-0700 Post 221
Wildlife Management Colorado Division of Wildlife Tom Peepples 772-3585 Post 122
Conservation Colorado Youth Program Steve Ehrandt 459-0715 Post 901
Rescue/ Emergency Services Longmont Emergency Unit Dena Moses 776-4269 Post 222
Firefighting/ Emergency Services Longmont Fire Department Bob Thomann 651-8426 Post 999
Firefighting/ Emergency Services Frederick Fire Department Millard Smith 833-4173 Post 260
Law Enforcement Longmont Police Department Graham Fowler 651-8555 Post 900
Law Enforcement Boulder County Sheriff's Department Phil West 441-3621 Post 500
Law Enforcement Lafayette Police Department Tom Dewing 665-5571 Post 79
High Adventure/ Outdoor Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church Terry McDaneld 666-0866
[Terry McDaneld]
Post 007
High Adventure/ Outdoor Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church Bob Amick 442-2342
[Bob Amick]
Post 72
Recreation Louisville Recreation Center Call Exploring Office 447-8511 Post 81
Emergency Management Boulder City/ County Office of Emergency Management/ American Red Cross Sherry Kenyon 442-0577
[Sherry Kenyon]
Post 493
Community Youth Services Alpha Phi Omega, University of Colorado Benji Reed 449-7792
[Benji Reed]
Post 492

Last Updated: 7/10/96

Note: Other Posts are being formed or can be formed if there is interest and a sponsor willing to charter a Post. For additional information on Exploring, contact Exploring Chair Bob Amick (303) 442-2342 or Exploring Executive Ralph Wappel (303) 447-8511