Long Lost copy of Post 72 Bylaws
Article I: Name
Article II: Objectives
Article III: Membership
Article IV: Officers
Article V: Meetings
Article VI: Amending the Bylaws
Article VII: Terms
Article I
     The name of the group shall be Venture Crew 72

Article II
     The objectives of the post shall be to provide high adventure
and outdoor activities; to provide career oriented activities; and
to provide leadership opportunities for its members. In gratitude
for the use of facilities, members are encouraged to provide
leadership and training for BSA Troop 72.

Article III
     Section 1: Membership Limit
          Membership shall be limited to forty members.
     Section 2: Joining Requirements
          Members must meet the minimum BSA joining requirements
          including being of at least 14 years of age and not over
          21 years of age. Prospective members must be sponsored by
          an active member at a regular meeting before joining.
     Section 3: Post Dues
          The initial entrance fee shall be $30. Yearly dues shall
          be $20. All dues shall be paid on or by December 10th
          annually. Joining dues cover national expenses and one
          year of membership.
     Section 4: Active Status of Members
          Active status requires payment of the dues, and
          participation in 40% of the meetings and 25% of the
          activities over the course of one year. New members who
          have not been in the post for one year are considered
     Section 5: Active Status Privileges
          Active status entitles the wearing of post insignia and
          participation in any post super-activities.
     Section 6: Honorary Membership
          Honorary membership may be granted by a majority vote.
          Honorary membership entitles the wearing of post insignia
          and participation in post activities.
     Section 7: Dismissal
          A member may be removed for conduct unbefitting an
          Explorer (i.e. illegal behavior, immoral behavior,
          conduct defaming the post, or activity contrary to the
          post's objectives). A member must be notified one month
          prior to the dismissal hearing . The member in question
          may bring witnesses to speak on his/her behalf. A vote
          for dismissal must occur at the initial hearing and must
          carry a two thirds majority.
     Section 8: Associate Member Status
          If provisions for active status are not met, members
          shall be relegated to associate member status by written
          notification. At this time, the member may petition for
          reactivation. Reactivation occurs by a vote of the
          executive board.
     Section 9: Inactive Status
          A member may declare inactive status without becoming an
          associate member. An inactive status member plans to
          return to active status after an indefinite amount of
          time. Reactivation is automatic at the end of the
          sabbatical. Section 5 provisions are considered for an
          inactive status member by the executive board upon
          request of the member.
     Section 10: A dismissed member may not participate in post
          meetings or activities of any kind.

Article IV
     Section 1: Post Offices
          The officers of the post shall be a President, a Vice-
          President of Administration, a Vice-President of
          Communications, a Vice-President of Program, and a
          Treasurer. These officers shall constitute the executive
     Section 2: Term of Office
          The term of office for all officers shall be six months.
          All officers shall be elected at the same time by a
          majority vote. Elections shall occur at the January and
          July meetings. Elections shall be by secret ballot.
     Section 3:
          a) The duty of the President shall be to preside over all
               general meetings. He/she shall direct the executive
               board and will be responsible for overseeing the
               progress of post agendas.
          b) The Vice-President of Administration is responsible
               for membership, keeping records, the scheduling of
               post meetings, and shall act in absence of the
          c) The Vice-President of Communication takes minutes,
               maintains the calling tree, and is responsible for
               all correspondence.
          d) The Vice-President of Program is responsible for
               surveying interest in post activities, and
               scheduling post activities.
          e) The Treasurer maintains dues and the post treasury.

Article V
     Section 1: Meetings shall occur on the first Sunday of every
          month unless otherwise stated.
     Section 2: Meetings shall be run by the President. A quorum
          shall consist of eight members, or 20% of active
     Section 3: The rules contained in the most recent edition of
          Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the post in all
          cases to which they are applicable and in which they are
          not inconsistent with these bylaws.
Article VI
                       Amending the Bylaws
     An amendment may be made to the bylaws by a two thirds vote of
the post. The amendment must be proposed in writing at a regular
meeting and voted upon at the next meeting.

Article VII

Associate member: A member who has not maintained active status
BSA: Boy Scouts of America
Executive board: The President, Vice-Presidents, and the Treasurer
Inactive member: A member who has declared himself on inactive
Prospective member: Any person interested in becoming a member
Quorum: 20% of active member registration
Reactivation: When an associate member regains active status.

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