Minto Rendezvous-Flotilla

Flamboyantly Flashy Flotsam Flotilla

The Challenge:
Build a boat sturdy enough to hold one to two people while maneuvering a course in a swimming pool. The boat must have a propulsion device and a method of steering.

The Rules:
1. The boat can only be constructed of the following three materials: recyclable plastic containers (must have recycle code), cardboard, and duct tape.
2. The propulsion device cannot be human.
3. The steering device cannot be human.
4. Decorations that add to the creativity and uniqueness of the team's style may not be part of the boat's structure and may only be attached after the boat is judged for its compliance to rule #1.

1. The boat's floatability 1 to 50 points
2. The uniqueness and creativity of the boat 1 to 25 points
3. The team's style - presentation, costume, decor 1 to 25 points
4. The boat's run of the course 1 to 100 points
(The boat running the course in the fastest time will receive a score of 100. Times of other teams will be reflected as a percentage of the fastest team.)

1. Use of incorrect building materials -5 to -50 points
2. Violation of rules 2. 3, or 4 (for each violation) -5 to -25 points
3. Unsportsmanlike conduct -25 to- 100 points

Challenge Clarification:
Contact Cassie Johnson phone: 281-955-8164 e-mail:

This challenge is brought to you by the wacky and fun-loving crew members of Sea Scout Ship Invincible, 502. Fabulously funny prizes for this event will be provided by Ship 502.

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Created: 08/06/99. Last Updated: 08/06/99.