Minto Rendezvous-Gen Info

September 4,5,6, 1999
(Labor Day Weekend)



LOCATION: The rendezvous will be held at Casa Mare Girl Scout Camp on Galveston Bay in the Houston Area.







WHO MAY ATTEND: All registered BSA Venturers may attend and Girls Scout Mariners.

ADULT LEADERSHIP: Each unit must have at least one adult leader for each 10 explorers with 2 adults minimum. Units with female members present must provide appropriate female adult leadership. All adults are expected to cooperate and participate when called upon by the Rendezvous staff. Adult participation includes judging of events, kitchen staff, score sheet control, timekeeper, service watch, or other duties assigned by the Chairman.

FOOD & EQUIPMENT: All meals will be provided per the schedule. Sleeping accommodations will either be in dormitories or in the main activity center on the floor. Each individual is responsible for their own sleeping equipment.

INJURY: Any injury, however slight, is to be reported to an adult advisor as soon as possible and needed first aid administered. In case of a more serious injury, the Rendezvous Chairman and the Scout Executive must be notified.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Anyone requiring refrigeration or medication should contact the designated first-aid officer. Other special medical needs should be brought to the attention of someone on the event committee.

CHURCH SERVICE: There will be a non-denominational worship service conducted Sunday morning.

SHORE LEAVE: There is NONE. Each venturer and scout is responsible for staying within the Case Mare complex. Ships officers are responsible for compliance with this rule.

LIQUOR OR DRUGS: Possession or consumption of intoxicating products or drugs of any kind by participants, guests, or adults will not be tolerated at any time during the Rendezvous. Violation of this regulation will result in immediate expulsion from the Rendezvous.

UNIFORM: Bare feet, flip-flops, tank-tops, halters, tube-tops, etc. are not considered acceptable dress. Swim wear is acceptable when competing in water events only. Participants are expected to wear shirts at all other time. A Scout T-shirt or unit uniform is always proper. See the schedule for when the uniform is required.


IMPORTANT - Please read this carefully; the scoring and participation may not be the same as other rendezvous'.

In addition there may be several '"TRIAL" events for your pleasure and possible future inclusion. You can earn participation points only in designated trial events. I All events are scored with the entire Ship required to participate in some events and smaller crews designated for others. See below for the details of each event. One event is mandatory - See Kitchen Relay.


10 points 1st
7 points 2nd
5 points 3rd
3 points 4th
1 point Participation by unit but not placing in an event. The team must show some skill in the event with the exception of trial events.

Ships in a tie for an event divide the combined score for the places they would occupy. Example: a tie for first and second would split 17 points giving each Ship 8.5 points.

Overall scoring is based on the total of all events with scores. It is to a Ship's advantage to participate in as many events as possible.

Overall ties for the rendezvous will be broken by selecting the tying unit with the highest percentage in the Mariner Quiz. If the Mariner Quiz is a tie the First Aid Quiz will be used to decide the winner.

CREWS - Some events allow more than one crew, read the instructions carefully. You do not need to enter more than one crew; however, entering the maximum can give more Ship members a chance to compete.

IMPORTANT - When more than one crew can participate, ONLY the crew with the highest place will be counted for the Ship's overall score.


1. Uniform Inspection.* Entire Ship must participate
2. Conduct and Leadership
3. Heaving Line Limit of 2 crews of 3
4. Navigation Problem Limit of 1 crew of 4
5. Drill Limit 1 crew of 5-7 members which includes DI
6. Marlinespike Limit 2 crews of 4
7. Scuttlebutt Limit 1 crew of 6-8 TRIAL
8. Sailing Limit 2 crews of 2 TRIAL
9. Knot Tying Limit 2 crews of 4
10. Mariner's Quiz * Entire Ship must participate
11. First Aid Quiz * Entire Ship must participate
12. Boatswain Chair Limit 2 crews of 2
13. Berthing Inspection Entire Ship must participate
14. Life Boat Scramble Limit 1 crew of 4
15. Rules of the Road Limit 2 crews of 4
16. Ring Buoy Toss Limit 2 crews of 3
17. International Code Flags Limit 2 crews of 4
18. Block Reeving Limit 1 crew of 4
19. Sail Repair Limit 1 crew of 3
20. Barrel Fill Entire Ship must participate
21. Swim Relay Limit 1 crew of 4
22. Kitchen Relay Entire Ship must participate(required to be considered in overall standings)
*Members with less than 8 weeks can be exempted from these events at registration time.


1. UNIFORM INSPECTION. (Entire unit except those members in Sea Exploring less than 8 weeks) Each member of the Ship must wear the dress uniform of the unit. Judging will be based on uniformity within the unit; this includes shoes, belts and hats if worn. All patches and badges must be worn in accordance with the Sea Explorer Manual (note - square knots representing youth awards may be worn).

2. CONDUCT AND LEADERSHIP. The Ship and its individual crews will be judged on its conduct and leadership at all events. These scores will be combined to determine an overall score. The Ship must participate in at least 12 of the scored events. The judges will be looking for the leadership exhibited by the crew leader when the Mew approaches the event to participate, while they are there and competing, and how they depart the event.

3. HEAVING LINE. (2 crews of 3 members) Each crew member will have 3 chances to make a successful heave wing a standard heaving line. The target will be 5-6 feet wide and about 40 - 50 feet from the throwing line. A successful throw is when the end of the line goes over the target and the line rests on the target. As soon as a successful throw is made the member steps down and the next crew member tries. Scoring for the contestants: 15 points if made on the first throw, 10 if made on the second throw, and 5 if made on the third throw. The score is based on the total points scored by all three crew members. A time limit of two minutes will be allowed for each contestant.

4. NAVIGATION PROBLEM. (1 crew of 4 members) This event requires a four member crew to plot a course on the provided chart, and calculate compass courses with consideration for variation and deviation. The crew will also have to identify symbols on the chart and determine times of arrival, etc. Scoring will be based on the number of correct answers. Ships should provide parallel rules, protractors and dividers for this problem. There is a 45 minute time limit and the Ship MUST SCHEDULE A TIME WITH THE JUDGES at the Saturday morning boatswain's meeting

5. DRILL. (1 crew of 5-7 members which includes the DI) The crew will execute movements upon order of their own DI, (drill instructor). The commands will be chosen from those in the Sea Explorer Manual. The DI will be given a list of commands to execute. Each crew member will start with 100 points and 10 points will be deducted for each error. The final score will be determined by dividing the total score by the number of crew members, including the DI.

6. MARLINESPIKE. (2 crews of 4 members) Each crew member must know how to complete the short splice, back splice. long splice and eye splice. When the crew is ready the judge will assign any one of the four splices. The splices will be judged on the correctness and neatness, time will be used as the tie breaker with a 10 minute penalty for incorrect splices.

7. SCUTTLEBUTT. (1 crew of 6 - 9 members) This event is a "trial event". The event is timed and consists of lashing 3 twenty foot poles together to form a tripod and raising a barrel of water and then taking down the equipment. The minimum crew size is 6 for safety reasons.

8. SAILING (2 crews of 2 members) This is a "trial event". The event will test the crews ability to handle a Sunfish sailboat around a triangular course. This will be a race with multiple heats as required.

9. KNOT TYING. (2 crews of 4 members)This is a timed event. The crew leader will line up the crew in any order but it can not change after the event starts. When the judge says "start" the first member of the crew will come forward and tie the knot designated by the judge. Then the next member will tie the next knot in a relay fashion until all the knots are attempted. The knots will be square, clove hitch, bowline, bowline on a bight, figure eight, midshipmen's knot(tautline), 2 half hitches, any tying off a cleat. The knots shall be tied in accordance with the Sea Explorer Manual.

10. MARINER QUIZ. (entire unit except those members in Sea Scouting less than 8 weeks) Each unit member will receive a written test on seamanship, safety, etc. Questions will come from the Sea Explorer Manual. The score will be based on the average percentage scored by all members. IF ANY MEMBER CHEATS ON THE TEST, THE ENTIRE UNIT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

11. FIRST AID QUIZ. (entire unit except those members in Sea Scouting less than 8 weeks) This test will be given at the same time as the Mariner quiz, but it will be scored separately. It will consist of multiple choice questions based on the material in the current Red Cross First Aid Manual. The score will be based on the average percentage scored by all members.

12. BOATSWAIN CHAIR. (2 crews of 2 members) This is a timed event. When the judge says "go" the crew races to the rope and ties a French bowline and when complete yells "stop". The dock is stopped so the judge can check the knot. When the judge says go the crew members together will hoist the tied member until that person can touch the block (approximately 20 feet) at which time the clock will be stopped. The crew shall lower the tied member safely. The knot shall be untied and the crew members switch places and repeat the event. If the knot is tied incorrectly the judge will untie the knot, say "go", continue the time, and the crew has one more chance to retie the knot correctly.

13. BERTHING INSPECTION (entire Ship) The purpose of berthing inspection is to keep the quarters area in a respectable condition at all times and provide a cleaner and safer environment. Berthing will be judged on proper gear stowage (40 points), neatness of bunks (20 points), neatness of floor and living area (20 points) and uniformity (20 points) Each member will receive points for their area and all points will be totaled and divided by the number of unit members. Judging times will be unannounced. It is the Ship's responsibility to clearly identify their area.

14. LIFEBOAT SCRAMBLE (1 crew of 4 members) This event is timed. All contestants must wear PFDs which are put on before the clock starts. At the start the crew shall jump off the dock and swim to the life raft and turn the raft right side up; each crew member must be approximately half in the raft. The crew then must propel the raft to the designated mark.

15. RULES OF THE ROAD. (2 crews of 4 members) This event is a "trial event". This event will be a relay of the crew members in identifying lights and appropriate rules from flash cards. Total quantity correct will decide the finishing place with time used as a tie breaker.

16. RING BUOY TOSS. (2 crews of 3 members) Each crew member will have three chances to make a successful toss using a life ring with line attached. The target will be 30 - 35 feet from the throwing mark. A successful throw is one where the life ring does not hit the target, but the line lands across the subject with the life ring beyond it. As soon as a successful throw is made (up to three attempts) the crew member steps down. Scoring for crew members: 15 points if made on the first throw, 10 points on the second throw, and 5 points on the third throw. The crew score is based on the total of its 3 crew members. A 2 minute time limit will start with the first toss of each crew member.

17. INTERNATIONAL CODE FLAGS. (2 crews of 4 members) The crew leader will line up the crew in any order but it can not change after the event starts. When the judge says start the first member of the crew will come forward and identify from flash cards 3 international code flags, then the second member will come forward and identify 3 flags and so on until all 26 flags have been shown. Total quantity correct will decide the finishing place with time used as a tie breaker.

18. BLOCK REEVING (1 crew of 4 members) The crew as a team will rig and use a two-fold tackle, a full tackle and a gun tackle. The standing part of the line with be secured to the block eye or becket with a bowline. As soon as rigged each tackle will be used to lift a weight of approximately 35 pounds a distance of 3 feet. The free end of the line shall he secured to a cleat per the Sea Explorer Manual diagram for a cleat hitch. Each tackle wilt be done in order after the previous one is complete. The scoring will be based on time with a 15 second penalty for incorrect knots and a 30 second penalty for incorrect tackle, fouling of rig and not lifting the weight the prescribed distance.

19. SAIL REPAIR (1 crew of 3 members) Each crew member must know how to complete a round seam, flat seam and a grommet in cloth. When the crew is ready the judge will assign any one of the three items to each member. Each member must complete the assigned item without assistance within the 15 minute time limit. The items will be judged on correctness and neatness; time will be used as a tie breaker with a 10 minute penalty for incorrect items.

20. BARREL FILL (Entire unit) This event will be performed in a relay fashion. At the judge's signal the first member will fill a bucket with water and proceed to the barrel and pour the water in the 55 gallon drum, return to the starting point and pass the bucket to the next ship member. This will continue until the barrel is filled to the designated mark. This is a timed event.

21. SWIM RELAY (1 crew of 4 members) This is a relay event with each swimmer swimming one length of the pool using any stroke desired. The swimmers can use a racing dive. One Time will be used to determine finishers.

22 KITCHEN RELAY (entire ship must participate). This event will require the ship's members to participate in at least one meal. This may include setup, preparation and clean-up. This event will be judged on the ship's participation, attitude, following instructions and timeliness.



Units must be composed of only its own members. Loaning of members is not permitted. Any borrowing of members must be approved by the Rendezvous committee. Any "combined" units are not eligible for any overall awards.

All units are expected to arrive "ready to compete" in each event they enter.

Units are encouraged to "try" events. If a unit is totally unfamiliar with an event then it should observe other units before attempting the event. The judges are not there to provide instruction, however, they are responsible for safety. All "ready to compete" units shall be given first priority at the event.

Units and crews shall compete entirely on their own without adult coaching. DURING COMPETITION A CREW SHALL NOT RECEIVE ANY GUIDANCE, SHOUTED INSTRUCTIONS, HINTS OR OTHER ASSISTANCE FROM ADULT LEADERS OR OTHER SHIPMATES NOT IN THE CREW COMPETING AT THAT TIME. Violations can result in disqualification from the event.

Each crew shall have a leader. The judge will converse only with that leader. Crew leaders may listen to the conversation but are not allowed to participate in it unless invited to do so by the judge.

Event rule changes and or scoring procedures may be necessary because of a variety of conditions. These changes should be reviewed with the Rendezvous Chairman prior to implementation All crews participating in the event should be instructed in any changes.

To be eligible for overall standings each unit MUST enter at least 14 events including Kitchen Relay, Uniform Inspection, Conduct and Leadership, Berthing Inspection, Mariners Quiz and First Aid Quit.

Judges are specifically prohibited from demonstrating or otherwise giving instructions in the methods by which can aid the crews. Judges are prohibited from telling any unit how other units have performed an event or what they scored. They can give the unit the raw score/time for their performance.

Protests must be submitted to the Rendezvous Chairman in writing within one hour of the close of the event being protested. The protest shall include all relevant details and can only be submitted by the Ship's Boatswain. All protest will be handled by the Rendezvous Chairman and a committee appointed by same.


Awards will be presented to each participating ship. First, Second, Third and Fourth places will be presented.

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