Post Letter for October 28, 1997

October 28, 1997

Dear Explorer Post 72 member,

We have some fun and exciting events planned so far this year.  Coming up we have the St. Mary’s Glacier trip and our monthly meeting on November 9th. This meeting will be a question and answers session on the upcoming Scuba Trip.  Anyone interested should bring their parent(s)  to the meeting.  Also, we will discuss the new Sea Explorer Ship, the Christmas Party and events for the spring.  (Maybe even have pizza.)  Following our normal meeting we are going to go indoor rock climbing  at the Boulder Rock Club.
The meeting will start at 3:30 PM, at the Scout Room.  The Scout Room is in the basement of Scared Heart of Jesus Parish, 14th and Mapleton.  After the meeting is finished we are going to drive over to the Boulder Rock Club to climb.  The BRC is located at 2829 Mapleton Ave., next to the YMCA.  We will be able to climb until 8 PM.
The cost to go climbing will be $10-$17.  Ten dollars is the group fee to get in and climb.  They charge $7, $5, $3, and $1 for shoes, harness, & belay device; shoes; harness & belay device; and belay device, respectively.  The Post will be able to supply seven people with the above if they do not already have this equipment.  We do not have shoes for people to use, however.  You can use boots or tennis shoes instead of renting rock climbing ones.  Please be prepared to have to rent equipment if we run out of it.
Events coming up are:

· November 9: Meeting See above
· December 7: Christmas Party What ever we decide on.
· January 30 - February 1: FREEZE-O-REE. A exciting comp testing our outdoor skills at the USAFA. We will compete against other Explorer's and Scouts and of course we'll win! Or we can help out. It is the biggest Scout winter camp this side of the Rockies. People will be coming from Wyo., Kan., Neb., and NM for this one (4000 plus!). Come on out.
· February 7: Scout Sunday. We ask that everyone shows up for this. This is the one day where we are recognized by our sponsor.
· February 21: Explorer Ski Day At Loveland?. This time we'll be getting good discounted tickets!
· February 27-March 1: Klondike. Want to look like Fredy or Jason? Well you will if you go to Klondike. Fake blood and fake injuries done up just like in Hollywood. We run the first aid station there. The Scouts come by on sleds they made and fix us up. This is our one major community project, all are asked to come.
· June: Scuba Trip (to COZUMEL)
· July 14-18: National Explorer Leadership Conference. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK, NEAR WASHINGTON, D.C.)

We are trying to reestablish having meetings on the first Sunday of every month.  This way everyone knows when our meetings our.  The Schedule for meetings in 1998 will be out soon
Also, check out our home page for the latest information on trips, etc.  Ciaran (President) and Graham (VP of Program) are working on creating our "Welcome Page"  It is going to be packed with pictures and video from previous trips.  If you want to help out contact them.
Hope to see you at St. Mary’s and November 9th.

Thank you,

VP of Communication

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