Scuba Trip:

Here's what we got so far:
We have 12 people signed-up, we need 3 more.
The cost will be about $1500
Still some spaces open, please get your $500 (or at least $200) down payment in as soon as possible.
Must be in the Post to go.
April 25-26: Scuba Certification  Meet at 8 AM on Saturday and on Sunday.
Trip Dates: June 13-21, 1998

The following is a breakdown on the proposed itinerary and associated fees for the 1998 high adventure SCUBA diving trip to Cozumel Mexico as provided by the Rocky Mountain Diving Center, and Boulder SCUBA tours travel agency: Fees are based on participation by 13.  Fewer than 13 will result in
a cost of $60 per participant to cover instructor airfare and meals/hotel costs.         ( $60)
(*) Items in parentheses are optional costs based on the choice of the participant

1.  (OPTIONAL unless not certified) Dive Training/Certification: Cost is
$250 per person, includes rental of gear, mask       ($250)
fins, snorkel, weights, buoyancy compensator (BC) and regulator, air tanks,
dive logs and training manual, video tapes and classroom/pool training sessions,
as well as the open water certification dives to be conducted upon arrival in
Cozumel. Participants recieve a P.A.D.I open-water diver certification card

2.  OPTIONAL Advanced Open Water Dive Certification (discounted rate)   ($ 95)
Advanced program provides certification for deep dives, night dives, underwater
compass navigation, and other related advanced skills required for advancement to
the diver specialty classes (e.g., rescue diver, underwater photography, divemaster
diving instructor, etc.)  Normal fee is $150 per person and many of the skills will
be part of the Cozumel Experience, (e.g., boat diving, night diving, drift diving, etc.
So much of the certification can be accomplished as a part of this trip. Those already
certified can upgrade to advanced open water for this fee as well.

3.  Hotel for 7 nights, Divemaster, 18 boat dives and one shore night dive, air tanks,  $425
weights,  diving instructor from Rocky Mountain Diving Center* (Note: Fees are
based on triple occupancy in rooms) (Double occupancy is $450 per person; single
occupancy is $625 per person)

4.  (OPTIONAL)Special Discounted rental rate for wetsuit (shorty for upper body
 is adequate since water temperature is about 86 degrees F. Diveskins are also an option (lycra
spandex). Or you may purchase your own (prices vary, consult dive shop)   ($ 25/week)

5. (OPTIONAL) Purchase of mask, fins, snorkel, package deal (recommended rather than renting)
includes discount for students of Rocky Mountain Diving center (prices may
vary if more expensive equipment is selected) (can also be rented). Those wearing
glasses or contacts may want to get a prescription lens face mask, so consult
dive shop for those options        ($106.50)

6. Airport shuttle from Cozumel Airport to Hotel, roundtrip     $ 15.00

7.  Airline Tickets, charter rate roundtrip Denver to Cozumel direct    $421.11

8.  Meals (allowance at $12.00 per person per day disbursed to each participant)   $ 84.00
    (NOTE: $20 per day is more realistic due to snacks, and evening activities so plan
     Accordingly if you want to eat well) Lunches are included on the Boat dives, so
     You need to plan to pay for breakfast and dinner each day.

9.  (OPTIONAL) Spending money/misc expenses (many souvenir shops are in Cozumel, so if ($200+)
you want to bring back “goodies” plan to bring a major credit card and/or travelers
checks for these purposes.

10.  Diving Insurance (DAN Network) Strongly recommended (provides emergency  $ 39
coverage internationally for recompression chambers, air ambulance, hospitalization
 and access to the Diver’s network of emergency physicians and resources.

11 OPTIONAL (unless your don’t have one) U.S.Passport fee, good for ten years                          $60
   NOTE: passports take up to six weeks so get started on your application NOW!

12.  Participant polo shirts with embroidered logo and individual names    $30

Less Deductions for Instructor $60 (if we have 13 participants), less advanced certification $95,
Less $200 spending money option, less $60 passport fee if you already have one. (Total $415) $1395.61


All participants under age 18 must have a consent letter signed by BOTH parents/guardians
to participate.  This letter must be notarized .  The Mexican and U.S. Governments require
this letter for international travel by groups where parents are not present with
minors.  Passports are also mandatory as well as a photo i.d. such as a driver’s license/andor
State of Colorado non-driver I.D. card.  School I.D.’s or other non governmental ID cards
are not acceptable.

A Physical Exam form must be completed no later than 30 days prior to departure on standard
BSA class 3 high adfenture physical form which will be provided, certifying that the participant
is physically capable of participation in SCUBA diving and other strenuous physical activity.

Dive training/certification will be conducted on the weekend of April 25,26, so plan
on spending two full days if you are not yet certified.  Video tapes will be provided in advance
along with manuals and dive logs.  If these dates don’t work for you, you will need to make
special arrangements to participate in another class offered by the Dive Shop on your own
time.  Fees are the same for either situation.  Open water will be conducted at Cozumel.  Those wanting
to be certified who are NOT planning to go to Cozumel may participate in the training classes
but will have to do an open water certification locally within six months of the training class.

ALL participants must sign an informed consent, release of liability, and medical treatment\
consent waiver which will be provided.


$200 due by March 16 to hold airline seat and hotel booking

Balance due by April 29th for Airfare ($500 total)

Remaining Balance ($800 plus options as noted) due by May 15th.

Additional Questions:


Christian Robbie, Crew Leader, 442-1780

Bob Amick, Explorer Advisor, 442-2342, e-mail :

Anne Haney, Explorer Skipper 447-0498

We are going to go through Rocky Mountain Dive Center for the trip. Check out their home page for more info. 

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Created 9/13/97. Updated: 4/08/98