July:13 Business meeting 

July:20 Business meeting. 7 PMAT at Scout room. We will need to have a good turnout to plan for the August Canoe Trip on the Green River which is scheduled for the 12th-15th. Please call Jeff and Pris Wagener at 499-1067 to let them know if you plan to attend. 

July 25-Aug. 9: National Scout Jamboree. Youth and adult staff are still needed for the National Scout Jamboree.Most of our Explorers are going on Action Center C staff, but more areneeded. This is a great opportunity to have fun, attend a NationalJamboree at very low cost, and help out the Scouts. If you think youmight want to go, let Bob Amick know and get an application turned inright away. Cost is $225 for the Jamboree, and we have a good deal onairline tickets for $204 round trip on United....but you need to actquickly to get the good rates. 

August 11: Business meeting 

August 12-17: Summer Trip: Canoeing the Green River or at YellowStone. $70 Ciaron Loomis is the Crew leader. GREEN RIVER CANOE TRIP, AUG 12-15 Yes, the famous Green River Canoe Trip II lives..It was a blast last yearand this year will be just as much fun. Plan now to go...It will be theweek after some of us get back from Jamboree Staff, so we should be "tan,rested, and ready..." as they say. Let us know if you think you can go.Cost should be very reasonable..probably around $60 for food and gas perperson.  PICTURES SOON TO COME!!!!

September 10: Community Service for GREENBUCKS FREE CONCERT: 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM? We will be meeting at the Church at 4:15 PM and then going over to The Hill to help pick up trash. Also check out for more chances to earn a ticket to the concert.

September 12?: Pre-Meeting: Planing meeting for September 21 meeting. Officers Required to attend.

September 20: GREENBUCKS FREE CONCERT at the Paramont.

September 21: Post Meeting: CU-Rec Center at 2:00 PM. Bring $5 to cover the cost of getting in. We will be able to ice-skate, swim, rock climb, shoot hoop, etc. i.e. FUN!!!! Also, we discus plans for the SCUBA trip and the rest of the years activities. Post Elections!

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Created 8/31/97. Updated: 8/31/97